About Valour

VALOUR APPAREL is a Bahraini Sportswear Brand that was established in June 2015 by two young Bahraini’s.

The brand was developed to provide athletes with quality and fashionable sportswear at reasonable prices for all.

All designs are developed by the brand internally, seeking in-house expertise and international designers and artists alike. Something of which adds another dimension to the brand.


To Create something of our own to make OUR PEOPLE proud.



VALOURIANS is a community we created to accommodate those individuals with the purpose of supporting their parade to reach their goals. Our aim initially is to capture local talents and to
bring the light to their existence and uniqueness for the whole world to recognize them.


The Logo

As resemblance of strength and courage through intimidating nature, the logo was crafted to unleash the VALOURIAN within.



The brand slogan relates to each and every individual, regardless of their activities, whether it is sports, professional and/or personal life. VALOUR hails those who set the bar high in the pursuit of their dreams. Sacrifice, Endurance, Dedication and Commitment all form part of the game.

To NEVER GIVE IN is inevitably the ultimate factor to success!


VALOUR hails those who set the bar high! Thus NEVER GIVE IN

Yet, encountering an obstacle is ALWAYS A PLEASURE